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Our Kickstarter is live! Help make the StaBallizer a reality by backing us now on Kickstarter. Click the link below:

Designing new products is an expensive process, especially physical products that require prototyping and manufacturing. Up to this point the StaBallizer has been funded solely by it's inventor, Mitch Rost. Unfortunately, Mitch hasn't won the lottery yet and can't get the StaBallizer into production without your help. In order to raise money, we need a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

What's a Kickstarter campaign you ask? is a website that allows customers to act as the early investors (also called backers) in products they like by pre-ordering said products and giving the company enough money to launch their idea. The company sets a predetermined amount of money that needs to be raised on Kickstarter and if the goal is met, your investment gets collected. If the goal is not met, no one gets charged. The expectation is that it may take up to a year to get the product as the manufacturing must take place. Fortunately for us, the StaBallizer manufacturing molds are already made so product should be available within 3-4 months. 

The secret to a good campaign is actually pre-selling all of the products you intend to make. What? That's right, you want all of your pre-sale product to be pre-sold. As easy as it sounds, Kickstarter is actually a very difficult way to raise money. There are so many products trying to raise so much money that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle - which is what happened last year when we attempted our first campaign (lesson learned).  It sounds crazy but you want as many people as possible pre-buying your product immediately once your campaign is launched to drive traffic to your page. This in turn helps lift your product to the front page of Kickstarter where even more people can find your product.

But if you have your product pre-sold, why do you need Kickstarter? Great question, and the answer is as follows: The Kickstarter model provides the expectation to consumers that a product needs to be manufactured, which takes time and thus a delay in investment return. If you simply raised money on your website in a similar manner, people would have the expectation of immediate delivery of product. Kickstarter also puts your product in front of many more potential investors than your personal website and you may end up far exceeding your expectations for money raised. Good products, like the StaBallizer, could potentially raise millions of dollars in pre-sales.

So what's in it for me? When you support a Kickstarter campaign, you general get the product at a reduced rate as compared the standard retail price. You also might get some swag if you're one of the first backers. Of course there's karma associated with helping launch a company - so you got that going for ya.

So, if you like: Playing games, having better core stability, rocking sweet abs, and being blessed by the Universe all at the same time, support our campaign. We're depending on you and thanks for your support.

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