When will the StaBallizer be available for purchase?

Not soon enough. We are working to generate enough interest and pre-sales to be able to launch a Kickstarter campaign. Once we reach 500 units in pre-sales, we will launch the Kickstarter. It will then take 3-4 months to gets product manufactured. If you, or someone you know, is interested in supporting our Kickstarter campaign, please join our mailing list by signing up below.


Is the StaBallizer too hard for someone who doesn't regularly exercise?

Although the StaBallizer can be as challenging as you want to make it, anyone can use it. There are lots of ways to modify your technique to make any of the exercises easier. The good news is that someone who needs to start exercising more will get a more complete workout with the StaBallizer than with traditional equipment, allowing them to gain strength and balance more quickly.


Why is the StaBallizer different from any of the hundreds of other training devices on the market?

The beauty of the StaBallizer is that it's unstable. By creating an unstable surface for exercising, you force the stabilizing muscles of the body to work harder. Too often, people train the big, sexy muscles of the body that look good in a mirror. But the reality is that the underlying stability muscles like the rotator cuff, transversus abdominus, and gluteus medius and minimus have a much more valuable role in athletic performance and the prevention of injuries. This is why gymnasts that perform exercises on equipment like the rings are so much stronger than most other athletes.